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Removing Blackheads

A blackhead is a small acne blemish with a black tip, or "head". Most people begin removing blackheads by squeezing them or using blackhead strips. Squeezing is not an efficient way of removing blackheads because it can cause you to develop more blackheads later on. Using the strips is not a terrible method, however, they are only a temporary fix. Removing blackheads permanently requires a change in eating habits, skin care habits, and some skin treatments.

How should I change my eating habits?
Caffeinated sodas are a big no-no; they contain brominated vegetable oil for extra flavoring. Bromine is a toxic substance and can cause your skin to break out in acne - yet another reason why you shouldn't drink soda.

The problem with food is that most of it contains high amounts of oil. Sadly, there aren't many ways to reduce this consumption of oil. However, cooking with olive oil can be healthy for your skin. Eating healthy is always a plus when it comes to your skin. You should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables if you wish to retain your healthy skin.

As always, it is important to drink as much water as possible. We suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, or until your urine becomes semi-clear. This is an important step to removing blackheads because water flushes your system and hydrates your skin.

How should I change my skin care habits?
When you go to the store and buy makeup and beauty products, try to buy only the ones that say oil-free or non-comedogenic. These types of makeup will not spike your acne and will be healthier for your skin. Also, one of the easiest methods to ensure clear and healthy pores is to remove any makeup before going to sleep.

Everyone should wash their face at night, whether you use a gentle cleanser or an acne treatment. If you don't cleanse your skin, then your chances of permanently removing blackheads are lessened.

What should I do for the actual blackhead removal?
One of the best ways of removing blackheads is by using acne medication. Retinal creams/gels are the best way to reduce blackhead formation. The retinoid based cream that we suggest is Retin-A. If you would like a more powerful retinal cream, you would have to visit your local dermatologist and get a prescription for either Tazorac or Differin. Both of these acne medications are great for removing blackheads.

If you want to minimize the side effects and cost, then choose one of the top acne products on our main page. ClearPores is well known for helping with blackheads - with the system you receive a gentle face wash, some acne cream, and a herbal supplement.